Strange Worlds Writers – Charles Gramlich on Sword and Planet stories

Strange World author Charles Gramlich has a Sword and Planet trilogy (  Swords of Talera ) under his belt and a few posts on the topic at his blog . I”ve grabbed a snippet  from one – “Also, the S and P hero is generally not a barbarian, but, in fact, is most often quite chivalrous. The setting for S and P is not earth but an exotic alien world, often with multiple suns or multiple moons, and is populated by a variety of strange plants, animals, and intelligent beings. The intelligent aliens are usually humanoid (the better to sword fight with), but they will have some exotic elements such as extra limbs, beaks, feathers, etc. (Not unlike Star Trek come to think of it.)”  You can read the whole thing here and check out Charle’s Amazon page here.  – Jeff

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