Strange Worlds is the first collection of NEW Sword and Planet stories to be produced in a very long time. Nine stories, thirty four illustrations, and one comic book !  Each story is illustrated with it’s own ‘beat up paperback’ cover in color, and black and white story images.


Strange Worlds is a highly collaborative project. Every story is the writers interpretation of my initial color concept.

Once a story idea was accepted I’d start on an acrylic painting for the final illustration. The black white images followed on story completion.strange worlds wall


Introduction  – Jeff Doten
God’s Dream – Charles A. Gramlich
When the World Changed – Ken St. Andre
Metal Rat & the Brand New Jungle- Jennifer Rahn
Pearls of Uraton- Paul R. McNamee
The Final Gift- Liz Coley
The Beasts of the Abys- Lisa V.Tomecek
The Specimen  – Adrian Kleinbergen
Slavers of Trakor- Charles R. Rutledge
Martian Abductations – Jeff Doten
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Order yours now ! – Jeff Doten

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