Strange Worlds Anthology

About – Nine stories, thirty four illustrations, and one comic book ! Each story is illustrated in color and black and white. The first NEW collection of NEW Sword and Planet stories to be produced in a very long time !

198 pages


ISBN -9871448628780

Format: Trade Softcover

Dimensions: 198 pages, 7 × 8 × 0.55 in

Published: August, 2011

Publisher: Space Puppet Press

Language: English

ISBN – 9871448628780

Strange Worlds $27.00 + US $3.75 = $30.75

Strange Worlds $27.00 + $6.99 = $33.99

Taxes are included in the prices. Shipping does not include the printer’s time, but that seems to be only a day or two. If you are ordering more than one copy or if you have any questions feel free to contact me at – Jeff

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